Royal SRAS hospitality & educational institute – Where attitude of positivism and skills of pragmatism shapes competence for professionalism. A teacher par excellence and an educationist extraordinary, one of the most prestigious institutions in Contai,East Medinipur a center for mentoring and tutoring the students of Scince and Management in 2011.The institute is run under west Bengal state government universities. We strongly believe that, ‘Education should Empower’ the students to make a positive impact on self, family, society, state and the world. Our team of excellent teachers and learning resources offer a comprehensive perspective to students through innovative pedagogy, value added programmes, technological assistance and above all strong value orientation.

“ A fool is praised on his own turf,
A feudal lord by village serf,
A king is hailed by those he orders,
The wise are honored beyond borders.”

svagrihe pujyate murkhah svagrame pujyate prabhuh |
svadeshe pujyate raja vidvana sarvatra pujyate ||

Yours sincerely,

CHIRANJIT MISHRA (B.Sc in Hotel Management, MBA)