Royal sras hospitality and educational institute A prestigious government recognized institute, Running under state government universities. Founded in 2011 at Contai, East Medinipur

To promote rural area educational development. Our distinctive experience helps graduates become well-rounded, thoughtful, and skilled professionals making a positive impact across the globe. It offers students from around the world the ability to tailor their study to meet their needs and at the same time connect closely with industry, professional organizations, and local communities.

MISSION- STUDENTS SUCCESS IS OUR MISSION, WE TRAINED STUDENTS AS PER INDUSTRY STANDERS.THE COLLAGE is to engage in outstanding scholarship that makes a major contribution to society and to produce groundbreaking research.

VISION-We believe in a remarkable tomorrow, in doing our best and supporting others to do theirs. Our founders knew professional and industrial environments constantly vary and that universities needed to equip their students with the skills to adapt and lead positive change for the future.